August 31, 2006

Images from Retreat

Retreat was wonderful and the setting was spectacular. The tree was in the Garden of The Gods which we visited before retreat.

The picture of the storm threatening was a daily occurance as we had storms almost every afternoon.

With storms and bright sun comes some spectacular rainbows, including a double rainbow, and though pictures couldn't capture it, one of the two was a full rainbow, reaching right across the sky.

Nights were lovely and clear.

The slower tempo of retreat afforded time for watching a humming bird catch a bite to eat.

Rabbits were constantly with us, along with deer and lots of birds.


PS: All the photos are courtesy of Mary Lou Basler who was also on retreat.


  1. Amy, Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the pictures that were taken on retreat. They are breath-taking! What a gift creation is, right?

  2. Amy, were those pictures from Sedalia. It's a great place to see some great sights, especially the storms. I ways always amazed that I could see the whole storm off in the distance.
    Rita Louise

  3. Postulant Angela (osb)9/21/2006 9:18 PM

    The photos were AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing.