August 29, 2006

Sabbath Time

This last week in August has been one of continued adjustment, blessing, and joy. Amy, now back from what seems to have been a renewing retreat, continues to work with new clients and to get this blog adjusted. Paula has been quite busy with her volunteer work and has loved the additional time for prayer and reading. Clare's work schedule keeps her busy, but she too is finding time for exercise, chatting with friends, and planning trips home later this year. Pat has been working on the CSJ calendar for next year, facilitating discernment days, and of course, more stuff for our novitiate.

Last Thursday was my first "Novice Class Out." I had supper with S. Marianne Keena, S. Pat Dunphy, and S. Cabrini Oldani, and afterwards we discussed the Maxims and how they have affected and continue to influence our lives. It was beautiful prayer and I look forward to "Novice Class Out" at other houses in the future.

Kind of on a whim on Sunday, Pat and I set out for Cahokia. Along with Carondelet, it was one of the first places our sisters settled when the came from France. Two college-aged women gave us a tour of the old church and we looked around the graveyard and into the old school building. The CSJs were not there long, but it was still obvious that we were on holy ground and I knew the connection with those who had gone before us.

After that we hopped back on the highway and headed to Cahokia Mounds. The Interactive Center there was very informative and has a wonderful explanatory video to accompany the trip. It was kind of warm out, but both Pat and I made the hike to the top of Monks' Mound. On the way down we met up with a little boy and the two adults he was with. The little guy was more than a bit nervous about the climb. We gave him a little encouragement then, but were happy to cheer him on from the bottom of the mound as he neared the top. It was fun to watch the big accomplishments of a little boy.

Pat and I are headed to Zwolle, Louisiana this coming weekend. Pat had been missioned in Zwolle for some years and one of her Godchildren is getting married. With the trip, I have been given the opportunity to speak at the masses at the local parish and hope to connect the readings of the day with vocation and our CSJ charism. The last time Pat and I were "stuck" in the car together for any length of time we both came out flushed with laughter, so I'm sure this trip will be quite the experience.

This week I have really committed myself to "the now." I find myself during the day at various junctures at which I have to make a choice; I can let the hard stuff bother me, or I can find the gift that I know is there. It has been a week gifted with the grace to make good choices.

Hopefully I'll have pictures for next week.


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