August 29, 2006

Beginning week three...

The days move slowly as the weeks pass by. I have been very conscious of time as my schedule has encouraged me to slow down more than a bit. While it will take some adjustment, I am aware that it is not what I am doing with my time, but how I appreciate the moments I spend that makes my days whole.

I have been spending a day and a half at Nazareth (our retirement center) for the first few weeks. It has been great to be around the sisters there. Whether they remember me from one day to the next or not, the time together in the moment is so precious. I was explaining to one of the sisters today as I pushed her to lunch that Tuesday afternoons are supposed to be my art/beauty appreciation time. I told her, though, that I thought I had already completed that part of my day with the honor and delight of her presence. She gave me a sly little grin and tapped me on the wrist. What a joy.

I did actually spend the afternoon at the art museum. The main exhibit currently is what I would call modern, semi-abstract art. The colors and lines were uniquely mixed with more realistic figures. What really spoke to me today, though, were landscape photographs in one of the upper galleries. There were some that were very gentle and yet tumultuous at the same time. Sort of like discernment, I suppose.

Things here at the house continue to go well despite the usual adjustments as new community forms. We have taken to getting our food from downstairs on Mondays and bringing it up to our dining room to eat together as a local community before doing a sharing of the heart and state of the house. We could talk forever. Amy will be back from retreat tomorrow and we will be all together again for prayer one of these nights. What a gift this time is.


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