May 21, 2011


I see the last post was Easter - wow, how time flies. Though there hasn't been much blogging, there is lots going on in the Little Design community and with friends of the Little Design. School is over or nearly over, so that means lots of us are finishing up papers and projects, or grading final papers and projects and submitting grades.
We've had some new life / resurrection happenings: lots of eggs and some first greens and turnips from the garden. It's been a really good year for growing, and the community garden is just a few blocks up the street from us. We are regular visitors, tending the plants and animals. It's also a great green space to soak up some nature in the middle of the city, prayer space, etc.
Our facebook conversation is moving along - we're having some great conversations, and exploring what it means to live religious life in this 21st century. What does community look like? Who holds it as a value and why? How do you maintain vibrant communities? What do the vows mean?
For me it's been an opportunity to really ask myself, beyond the stock answers, what do these things really mean to me? Why is it important? How are my answers to that today evolving? It's been a great space to explore with other sisters of similar age and experience.
I also had an opportunity to do a presentation on poetic spirituality. I worked on this topic in theology thesis some years back. This was an opportunity to share that with a live audience. For me, poetry is such a great way to connect with God because poetry tries to explore the great transcendent themes: love, beauty, nature, wisdom. And those are all the places we find God as well. Some of the poems and notes are on my website at:   in case you like this sort of thing and want to follow up.
So - lots happening, I'll have to see if one of my fellow bloggers is up for getting a post online from her point of view.

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