April 25, 2010

Easy to Celebrate

What a delight it is to live with a golden jubilarian. We celebrated Kate's jubilee at the parish here today. She is so easy to celebrate. A couple of weeks ago we had a "secret" planning meeting. Of course, Kate decided to stop by church while we were all there. She's called me a "sneak" on more than one occasion lately. But, it was all worth it. It was the perfect way to celebrate the international day of prayer for vocations. We blessed Kate and she blessed us. We did, of course, finish with a delicious dinner together. One of the women at our parish made her famous cakes. So good! I think this is Kate's last official jubilee celebration for the year, but I do hope she celebrates all year.

Things have been quite delightful lately. While I have been aware of my impending departure, it came to a new level of awareness the other day with a phone call about my new school contract and an e-mail about an evaluation I get to complete before I go. I hadn't been counting down, and I don't know that I really want to, but I think it is inevitable. Kate brought another load of my stuff up to the motherhouse when she went today for a committee meeting. My room is getting emptier and emptier.

I've been reading some great books that have really stuck with me lately. The quote from yesterday was, "There are two types of people. The first type walks into a room and says, 'Here I am.' The other type says, 'Here you are.'" Some people make me feel important immediately, like I am the only one in their world at that moment. It's quite a gift. I think it is about presence and energy. I want to give people energy, make them feel loved and special. God continues to work with me as I put myself into her hands.

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