January 15, 2009

I know, I know!

I know, I know! But, where does the time go? How can it have been over a week since I last wrote? Easy, I tell you. My novice director (not currently on duty) prefers the word "involved" to busy, so "involved" I am. I had so much fun with my religious education class last night. We were minus a couple of teachers so I combined my seventh and eighth grade with the first grade. My older students were going to be looking at God's promise of a savior starting with the Nativity story, so I paired them with a little one, each group taking a character from the Nativity and discussing the importance of that character as they created a puppet to share. My teens were awesome! We did, of course, conclude after our sharing that all of the characters were important because they, in some way, led us/prepared us/took care of/welcomed JESUS--the reason for the season!

Track has started part-time this week. A few of us had a great run on Tuesday, but I'm wondering about tomorrow. Like most of the rest of the country we are having some bitterly cold temperatures. I know our six is nothing to negative fifty, but really, once you get to a certain temperature, I don't know how you distinguish between bitterly cold and bitterly cold. I just keep praying for all those people without shelter tonight. I hope there are warm hearts leading people to warm beds and maybe some hot chocolate.

Saturday is our Teen Trivia Night Challenge fundraiser for the upcoming youth convention. So, if you think about it, send a prayer our way Saturday night as we try something a little different here in Ripley. In St. Louis everyone hosts a trivia night, but here they are unknown. We have youth coming of different ages from different parishes to our little church. I have no idea how this one will go over, but I'm hoping well so that we might do it again next year with a little excitement from those who will have already been.

No pictures tonight. I'm getting tired and heading towards my room before I get too tired to spend some good time in prayer before nodding off.

So many places in need of peace tonight, so...



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  1. Always delightful to read your news - feel your energy and enthusiasm. All the best.