December 27, 2008

Out Already


Advent finished up nicely in Ripley with wonderful community Posadas and Christmas Eve mass. Kate and I prayed together Christmas morning and had waffles before I got in the little white Cavalier and trucked it north to St. Louis. A beautiful morning for some Christmas tunes and prayer.

I arrived home where my brother, already engrossed in our live game of family Clue, greeted me suspiciously. I coaxed a hug only after I convinced him I hadn't even been inside yet to get my Clue game pieces. For those of you who are not familiar, we play a version of Clue similar to the board game. Each player gets a location, a weapon, and a person. For example, I might have my dad in the kitchen with a golf ball. If I can touch my dad with the golf ball while he is standing in the kitchen he is out of the game. I then take over his pieces and move on to my next victim. The last person in wins. This year we added an immunity clause--a few cards with times of the week where the person holding that time is safe. The immunities are cumulative, so if I took you out and you had an immunity time, it could then be added to my immunity time. Some of the locations are a driveway, a garage, a porch, on a couch. My brothers will drive in the back way so no one can see their car, park in the yard, and come in through a living room window to avoid places where someone might get them.

If you read the title of this blog, you will know I am already out. I was the first one out last year taken out by my mom as I was helping her with some job. Last time I'm going to offer to help. This year my dad was out before me. I'd give you the details of my untimely demise, but then, if any of my family were reading this it might give an unfair advantage. Last year the game went on for six months. We're hoping for a quicker resolve this year.

My mom and sisters and I are headed out in an hour or two to try on bridesmaid dresses. My sister Christie is getting married this summer. It should be a fun afternoon.

Again, Merry Christmas to all. May these days be filled with the knowledge of Jesus with us, the Mystery of all that is, and celebration and memories.




  1. :) A family game of clue sounds like fun!

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