December 19, 2008

I Live Here

It has been two weeks of Novena and Posadas. The first nine days were in anticipation of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Meeting at different homes each night to pray the rosary and share food. We are now meeting for Posadas. Again we meet at a different home each night. One boy and one girl dress up like Joseph and Mary and, with a group of adults, stand outside the door singing a request for room at the inn. The people inside respond in song that there is no room. Eventually they are let in and the prayer continues. Again we say the rosary and end the evening sharing food. Sr. Kate and I hosted last night. What a sight! Counting babies in the womb, we had nearly seventy people in our little house. It was so crowded people couldn't even bend over to pick up food that had been dropped on the floor. What's a little cookies in the carpet? But, really, what a beautiful gathering. I typically sit on the floor with the kids. Last night we worked together to learn how to follow the prayers on our beads. You should have seen these kindergarten, first, and second graders trying to keep their fingers on the right little beads. My favorite part of the evening was when the adult leaders accidentally did an eleventh Hail Mary on the last decade. The eyes of the little ones were so big as they looked at me either confused or exasperated with all the praying at that point. I just shrugged my shoulders and we finished the prayer.

One night earlier this week as Kate and I were getting home we were getting out of the car laughing about something and I had a thought: "I live here." It has been four months, and in the pattern of last year, it would be about time for me to be packing and transitioning and moving. But, I live here. I don't have to pack or move or start over yet. At least for the time being, I get to immerse myself even more in the community here that I am getting to know. It's a good feeling. I'm glad to be here.

School is officially out for the next two weeks, a break for which I am grateful. Now I can start on some cards and presents. Oh, and sleep in. Sleeping in might mean seven o'clock, but even that will be great.

Posadas again tomorrow night. I played football with the boys after prayer this evening. They never think I'm any good until we start playing, then they're all sorry they didn't want me on their team. It's been too long since I've had grass stains on my jeans. I love it.

Happy Advent-ing!



  1. Sarah,
    Have safe trip to St Louis and know your escapades in ministry are delightful
    Merry Christmas from
    Nancy in Atlanta

  2. Touch or tackle football? I don't doubt your athletic prowess, but I must say you have an unfair advantage (what respectable young man wants to be known as the guy who roughed-up the cute nun)?