June 27, 2008

USB Port

The center house in Lima has just gotten a USB port added to the computer. That means that I can now share some photos with you all--Peruvian style. Some facts that our North American sisters share about Peru: most things almost work; and everything takes more work. So, this will be a Peruvian lesson for you as you will have to tip your head to see some of these.

This first photo is of Chasquitambo--the town of. You can´t see the chacras (fields) in this one, but I thought this one would give you a better sense of what some of the buildings look like and where some of the rural towns are located.

This is the community at Chasquitambo. From left to right around the table: Mary Luz, Rosa Luz, Maria Elena, Andrea, Anne, Maria, y PatricĂ­a. The green fruit on my plate (the empty seat) is chiramoya, my new favorite fruit.
Okay, here is where the head tipping comes in. These are our dear sisters preparing cuy (guinea pig) for us early on the morning of our departure. The process of removing all of the hair was very intense. The sink is an outside sink and the water source that is used for everything--cleaning, cooking, laundry.
So, a few laboriously inserted photos just for you.
Pat is back in St. Louis, and Anne and Andrea are on the trip that Pat and I took last week. I am here in Lima doing laundry and studying some Spanish. I´ll head with Maritsa later today to her class a la universidad, maybe make some cookies tomorrow. A few gentle, quiet days.


  1. Seeing the guinea pig being "dehaired" reminds me of the days when we would get chickens at the grocery and would have to singe off the hairs.
    Guinea pigs don't sound too appetizing, but it does sound like an adventure.
    I enjoyed your pictures. It was worth the head-tipping.
    Mary Ann H.

  2. A few thoughts:
    Pic #1 Is that a tree I see growing through a buildings roof? ! Awesome!
    Pic #2 Your favorite fruit makes me think of a green armadillo.
    Pic#3 I had a pet guinea pic once *tears*.
    Neat pics. Your labors are appreciated.


  3. Oh my these are just wonderful. I don'
    t know if I could eat that wonderful pig. Yes, it is all in the head that is for sure. I sure enjoy the community picture.

    We turn the calendar page on Monday.


  4. Great pics - thanks for the effort -- I'll race you back to St. Louis!!!

  5. Dear Sarah,
    It's good having Pat home...looking forward to your home-coming. Pat told us about your special breakfast and now we have pictures.
    Today, in a few hours, we will have the Provincial Team Celebration, those leaving and those coming. Lots of people in the house. We'll tell you about it after it is over.
    Love, prayers and hugs. Paula

  6. Hi, Sarah!

    Due to all the excitement here at home, I fell behind in reading your blogs. Today I caught up! What a tremendous experience you are having! You give us wonderfully vivid accounts of life there. I especially loved your meetings with the people who are so warm and inviting. That really confirms my own experience with the Literacy Center in the U.S. and the Hispanics who participate in it. Thank you so much for sharing with us. You do a superior job! Love, Joyce L.

  7. Great pics, Sarah! I'm sharing your blog with Deanine here in San Francisco...reading the story of your journey is really great. thanks. Jeanne Marie...Albany!

  8. Thanks for sending us the pics and the stories. It does seem to connect us here with "y'all" there!
    Take care!

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