March 02, 2008


I know this is redundant, but the weather here is great. If I were going to move anywhere based solely on weather, so far Denver is where I would head. Yesterday I went out in a skirt and a sleeveless shirt and today we got three inches of snow. Fabulous.

I spent the day doing little odds and ends: baked some cookies, cleaned some baseboards, started a new book, got ready for school tomorrow. Nothing terribly exciting. A nice, relaxing Sunday.

Other than the fact that I feel like God is totally spoiling me, there is really nothing to report. I did find a place to play volleyball last week. There were ten guys and two girls, myself included. The only non-Spanish words spoken in the gym were the occassional cuss words some of the gentlemen used. If the volleyball were a little higher caliber, I might go every week and pick up some Spanish as well. One guy came to play in khaki pants and snow boots. Not real serious ball. But, fun nonetheless.

Okay, the night is relatively young, and I am off to chat with God a bit before bed. Happy Lenting.

P.S. The photos are from Cherry Creek State Park.


  1. Hi, Sarah. You would also like St. Louis weather.... It got up to 78 today.... But sleet and snow for Monday and Tuesday. What do you think?

    May your prayer, work (house as well as school), and play (more volleyball?) all contribute to your healthy wholeness. I can hardly wait to see where you go for your prayer day this week! That second photo is truly great!

    Pat M

  2. Dear Sarah,
    I see you've been converted...I am still very much a Denverite, or Coloradian even after all these years. The other seasons as just as great. I'm also enjoying your pictures. Pat put your new ones up in the dining room.
    Big storm coming in this afternoon and tomorrow...We'll see.
    All for now. Love & prayers, Paula

  3. The photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them. I know what you mean about the volleyball...I am looking forward to starting "old lady volleyball" again in May. Like you said - not the best calliber, but fun anyway! I'm
    hoping my knees will make it through another season.
    Love from home...MOM

  4. Sarah - Don't listen to your mon - she has great knees! Love Dad

  5. Sarah Jane, it has been sooooooo very long since I sat down at the Blog and commented on oh, so many of your entries. I love the photos and, as I told you earlier in e-mail, I picked up the ones at the drugstore and they now hang on our novitiate wall.

    Your musings are nurturing. I, too, have had some of those same experiences out in the wilds. I especially love ocean-side time; mountains, though, are good, too.
    (Most recently I would have to say that it was the holding of our new babies, Cash Dominic and Colin Patrick Quinn that gave me a "Coloratdo High"--right in Kansas City!)

    Love, laughter and adventures to you, Sarah.

    the Director of Novice here!

  6. Glad you had a relaxing Sunday. I enjoy your comments and your pictures.
    Today the weather changed from yesterday's 78 degree spring weather. Today winter is back. I had a meeting this afternoon at Nazareth, and I drove back through sleet. Fortunately, the roads were still too warm for the sleet to make the driving treacherous. We're supposed to have a winter storm tonight and into tomorrow. I guess the groundhog was right.
    Mary Ann H

  7. Oh Sarah, I loved Cherry Creek St. Park on Sunday morning with coffee and the newspaper. What great, great space....I am so glad that you are soaking in alllllllllllll of the goes with Maxim one so right on!

    Love to you,