February 24, 2008

All Is One

I learned a couple of new things about myself this week. Number one: When I am out hiking alone, I talk to myself. Number two: As I work my way to higher altitudes in said hikes, my monologue takes on different accents. Do you think various Spanish phrases said in a Scottish or Brittish accent would scare off any mountain lions in the area?

I have now visited three Colorado State Parks in my quest for ten visits while I am here. I went on Friday to Eldorado Canyon State Park. Absolutely gorgeous! I packed my lunch and hiked for about three hours. God is never more present to me than she is when I am out in nature like that. I sat on a sun-warmed rock and ate my peanut butter and raspberry jelly sandwich looking out over the pines and mountains. It was so obvious to me then that everything truly is one. That my bread was the same earth on which I gazed. That I, too, am that same earth. That all is connected. All part of the same creation. It was a splendid walk with God.

I found out Friday afternoon that I have been officially approved to make first vows this coming summer. Exciting little pieces to begin to consider as all of that comes together.

Today, a pretty laid back one I hope. Some errands to run. Some Spanish to study. Maybe a simple dinner to make. We'll see. Sabbath time. Peace to all.



  1. Sarah Jane - Congratulations!!! Your family is very happy for you!! Love Dad

  2. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.
    I, also, talk to myself. It's one way to have an intelligent conversation.
    We had a surprise snow here this morning, so all is beautiful. Weather forecaster didn't predict it; perhaps we should have listened instead to the groundhog. Snow won't stay long, however, as the temperature is scheduled to get up to 40 degrees.
    Mary Ann

  3. Girl, don't scare us with the thought of you getting attacked by a mountain lion! God forbid...I don't know if the little item I gave you to carry while jogging will work on the beasties, but I hope you're carrying it.


  4. Congratulations on the news regardign making 1st vows....
    enjoy your time in God's country she certainly has graced it with beauty. Thanks for the pictures.
    Nancy in Atlanta

  5. Dear Sarah,
    It was great talking to you after you had received official work of your acceptance. I'm so glad you are there to appreciate the beauty of "my" mountains. I was fortunate to grow up in Colorado where the mountains were a big part of that.
    We had a pot luck after 4:00 Mass across the street for Georgia...a memorial for her mother. I rejoiced at the large number of sisters who participated.
    My niece and nephew were here this past week end...they had been here last year for the same meetings. Since the weather was bad we were happy to stay inside and visit. This is the first time I've seen them since their mother's death.
    All is well. Love and prayers P.

  6. Oh what beauty!! Thanks for your YES and a gentle reminder to me of MINE! I am so excited for you---and us and me! Oh to hike those mountains. I am going to try to do what your dad did. You know I am so bright on all of this.

    Love to you,

  7. Hi, Sarah!

    Congratulations on your acceptance! The future looks very rosy for you! Loved your Colorado pictures. One does feel very close to God there, and I enjoyed your gathering the bread, yourself, and all creation together. Your description of the warm weather one day and snow the next is much like St. Louis yesterday (74 degrees) and today (25) with 6-8" of snow predicted for tomorrow. We're taking bets on that! We all received a report on you at the house meeting tonight. What a grand spring and summer awaits you. We look forward to your coming home in April. Love, Joyce

  8. Dear Sarah,
    The photo is so beautiful. Yes, all is ONE! It's snowing today. Janet went out on her skis and I'm inside "catching up" with correspondence. Congrats on continuing the journey with us!!!