January 02, 2008

The New Year Begins

From Christmas to New Years--again I ask, where does the time go? Christmas was wonderful! I feel like I had more Christmas celebrations this year than ever. I suppose one cannot celebrate Jesus' birthday too much. If only I remembered to celebrate all year long...

I spent a few days at home with my family: mass, food, presents, cleaning the basement. You know, the usual Christmas happenings. All of my brothers and sisters were home this year which was great. It was the first year that we ate breakfast before opening presents. We'll see if the tradition sticks. My dad got a video game called, Guitar Hero, which we played for hours. I haven't had the practice that some of my family has, so my skills are a bit lacking, but it is great to see my youngest sister's fingers fly up and down the guitar. I think I was the first one out of our live version of Clue. My mom got me in the dining room with a coffee cup. I do believe the game is still going on.

I spent the few days leading up to New Years at the motherhouse on retreat. About seventy sisters and associates met for three days on Ignatius, the Exercises, and the tie-in with Medaille and our CSJ spirituality. It was a great way to celebrate together.

I spent New Years with my little Godson and his family, whom I just love, and another night at my mom and dad's before heading back here to the motherhouse once again. It's kind of a funny place to be right now: in between St. Paul and Denver, no longer in my canonical year novitate, here but there, looking ahead but not too far. I think I'll continue with some of the contemplation that we started on retreat last week. See where that leads me in prayer.
Signing off for now...


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