January 09, 2008


I am not sure why, but I am amazed over and over at the role of choice in life. Sure, I think people have certain predispositions and things happen, good and bad, outside of one's control. But I also believe that I can choose to live a certain way.

This week, every morning as I awaken, I have made the choice to consciously search for beauty, to find God, to name things for which to be grateful. What a wonderful week it has been! From little things like glittery rain drops on my window screen at dawn, to bigger meetings about future ministry possibilities, everything seems more positive, it is easier to trust, and life is just plain old more fun.



  1. How true! If we could all live that way every day!
    Mary Ann H.

  2. To this, yes, I can fully relate! Even as a mom of two needy little people, employed in a demanding corporate job, the miracle of God's beauty is all around, isn't it? The choice is to see it, whatever your vocation.