November 05, 2007

Season's First

12:47--Signing in to report the first sighted flurries of winter. I'll have to find a good sledding hill sooner than later.


  1. In St Louis it's about 67 degrees and very windy but it's supposed to go down to 31 by tonight, be in the 40's tomorrow, then go into the 50's the coupld days after that.
    Maybe we'll have snow for Thanksgiving!
    Mary Ann H.

  2. Wow! We got out just in time. However, it turned very cold here today. The wind is blowing to make it colder. Is in the 30's. I hope you have a warm enough coat, etc. Love to all we met.

  3. Oh here comes the big ones! Oh my what stories. I haven't checked for a few days and I love, Sarah's how very beautiful. It was great to hear how awesome the trip was for Pat and Paula. Mission week is underway at SJA. What a testimony to the young women and what they are doing for Peru. Keep warm. Yes, a daily task now. Love, Marianne