October 20, 2007

Sun, Sun, Golden Sun

The sun is shining here today for the first time in forever. It has rained every day this month so far except one. They say we might have a warm front come through early in the week (we may see 60 degrees), but not to get too used to it as later in the week the temperatures might be cool enough to see some flurries. I don't know, but if the ground doesn't dry enough to cut the grass soon I'm going to be mowing in my hat and gloves. (I'd definitely take a picture of that for the blog.)

After spending the first two months kind of getting settled, I am realizing that I am just about at the half-way point of my stay already. While there are some pieces that I need to be attentive to for the phases that come next, I mostly want to slow my thinking down a bit and stay present here. With so many good things to come, that is not always easy.

Things here are great. I got to use my jumper cables for the first time at work on Thursday. What could be more fun than that?! When I first started driving my dad showed me how to change a flat tire and to use jumper cables, I've just never gotten to do it until then. Two of the women at work have a car that is badly in need of repairs (and a new battery). I suppose Monday I'll find out if they made it to school or not.

Yesterday I got to see a bit of town with one of the sisters here. We went saw where the bridge fell, some of the other beautiful bridges here, and also toured the Mill City Museum. Minneapolis was big for flour mills years ago. It was actually a very interesting tour, a good place to bring a classroom of kiddos. Although unless I'm teaching in St. Paul (too cold!) I think it might be a little far.

I'm reading a very good book for some spiritual reading to accompany prayer. I've probably mentioned it before: "We Walk the Path Together." It fits together pieces of Buddhist meditation with Christianity. Excellent. The last chapter was on water and waves. Using that image the author speaks of each of us as a wave and asks how long it takes for the waves to realize their source and the fact that their composition is that source. It was for me the "I AM" that God speaks to Moses. The "I AM" that each of us can claim. Good prayers.

Anyway, the sun is out! I'm hoping after lunch that it will be sufficiently warm to get outside and do some yardwork. Either that or a bike ride. We'll have to see. Enjoy the warmer fall days while they're here.



  1. Thanks so much for the book suggestion. This sounds great. Yes, you know our trip to Colorado was wonderful. It is a different cold. You have good prep. for that segment of your novitiate. It is just so delightful to stay in touch. Thanks so much. Love, Marianne

  2. Hi, Sarah!

    You sound fantastic. What a wonderful opportunity for you. All is well at Fontbonne and that
    NCATE report is happening!

    I think of you often even though
    I don't blog very much.

    Enjoy the sun!