October 15, 2007

Blogger Activism

So this morning I read an article in the newspaper that declared today Blogger Environmental Activism Day. It called all bloggers to write on some pressing environmental issue. I thought that with Al Gore and all of that recent press I would choose global warming. Then I read further into the newspaper and saw snowflakes on the weather forecast for the week and changed my mind. I don't know that global warming has yet hit Minnesota.

I spent the weekend in Green Bay, WI at meetings with our sisters from the north. It was great to be with them and share around Congregational and Provincial issues. We stayed less than a mile from Lambeau Field, so we had to be sure to get out of there early on Sunday. Go Packers!



  1. Happy Founders Day! Special prayers for you today. I am glad that you enjoyed Green Bay. Don't you love how everyone speaks up there! So clear and crisp. Keep warm. Love to you.

  2. Yes, Go, Packers! I spent five happy years in what is now De Pere, Wisconsin, and became a Packer fan. What a record they have so far!
    Mary Ann Hilgeman

  3. Hi, Sarah! So you think St. Paul is cold already??? "Just you wait, Henry Higgins. Just you wait!"

    This afternoon I returned from retreat, so missed responding to your previous blog. Glad to know you are getting together with other CSJ's from the northern area. Similarities and differences are interesting, eh?

    How about some photos of the leaves up there???
    --Pat M