September 07, 2007

Ahhh...Seven Minutes and Counting

After trying to type Pat my weekly review and being cut off twice and checking the few other e-mails I had, I now have seven, no six, minutes to add something here to the blog. I'm using the computer here at the library and there is a certain time limit. That being said, it would take way too long to put any pictures up.

But, things here are good. I started my ministry this week at Sarah' Oasis for Women. Wonderful women from all over the world. I've gotten to try so many great foods (SPICY), hear so many languages and stories. Krista, a St. Joseph Worker, and myself are in charge of making cookies this month, which you may not think is a big deal, but they are very serious about that here. We even got a phone call from Sr. Maggie telling us that they were out of cookies. The place is lovely. The art work throughout the house is exquisite!

We have province days tomorrow. Maybe I'll see about finding some volleyball somewhere on Sunday.

Ahhh...two minutes. Have to save and log-off. Sorry. Again--more later.



  1. Enjoy Province Day this weekend !
    The St Paul Province is a good one ... hope you find some vollyball. enjoy yourself.
    Nancy in Atlanta

  2. You made good use of your seven minutes. Glad things are going well. Hope you enjoy the Province Days. Diverse language and foods sounds like here in Belgium. I find it a real enrichment - sounds like you do to.
    Amy in Belgium

  3. Do they ever have one of the right ones making cookies; I speak with authority based on personal experience.

    Glad we got to chat a bit during your Province Day. Hope you were not too late getting back to your group.

    Clare, Cynthia and I had a fine time at the Faith and Culture Day at the Shrine--rain eventually came, felt good and gave us the motivation for ending our day; however we had about 3 hours--music, ethnic dancing, ethnic food (some spicy, too!) and lots of beautiful and interesting crafts.

    Take good care, Sarah. Love, Pat

  4. You are the 'cookie monster'queen. That would be fun costume for you to get started on for Halloween.
    I love, the picture you sent. Yes, I have it on my notebook and has been a great visual for meditation. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Love, Marianne