August 30, 2007

Home, New Home

I left St. Louis at 6:00 yesterday morning and made it to my new home right at 3:00. Sr. Liz greeted me at the door. St. Paul is a beautiful city, made even more beautiful by the gorgeous weather! While the schools in St. Louis have had half-days most of the week, I almost thought about a long-sleeved shirt this morning as I came down for prayer. Sr. Mary Clare came home from work and Jen, a St. Joseph the Worker from last year living with us for a few weeks, and we shared a delicious supper made primarily of vegetables from the garden. My room is unpacked and I have things where I want them for the most part. I do still need to find one small extension cord and put a couple of things in the attic (although I'm not so sure I want my winter clothes too far). I have three big windows in my room, overlooking the trees and houses on the street. Green carpet. Right now I'm using a library computer, but eventually I'll have a place where I can download some pictures so you all can see. Maybe you'll just have to visit.

Anyway, just wanted to put a small update on the blog. I'm going to head home, get my four-hour snack, and maybe help with some yard work. Thank you to all who sent me off with so many blessings.

More later.



  1. Hey there, Sarah Jane! It was so nice to get your call last night. As soon as the phone rang all three of us said, "Bet it is Sarah"! And it was. Glad things have gone so very well the first 24 hours--why does that not surprise me? Continue to take good care; please greet Mary Clare and Liz for me. Until we meet (or speak!) again, may God hold you in God's hand. Love and laughter, Pat

  2. God's blessings on your journey! May you be filled with his peace and love.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Sounds like you got settled in pretty quick. St. Paul is a great provice. I loved my time there. The experience, the learning, the the love of friends I met there has stayed with me all these years since 1979/80. I loved my Winter experience; being a southerner never having seen more than 3 inches of snow before going to St Paul, was so much fun. Blessings from the South,
    Nancy in Atlanta

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I'm glad you had a safe trip and that you're getting settled. Maybe I need to move to St. Paul - sounds like the weather is very much to my liking! Everything is fine here. I miss you! Keep us posted on how you are doing and your ministry.


  5. Hi Sarah,
    Sounds like you are getting settled rather quickly, but then you have always been pretty organized.

    Now you'll have opportunities to meet new people, take on some ministry activity, and learn about St. Paul. Whatever you do, you will do with your whole heart.

    I'll miss seeing you at Carondelet and at our 19th gatherings.

    Love to you.

  6. Good to hear you're settling in. I'm looking forward to hearing your ministry adventures and reflections. All is well in Leuven.

  7. sarah, this blog is such a great idea. I'm really glad you seem to be settling in--in St. Paul. May you have a graced time. Kathy Crowley