August 06, 2007

From a Second Year Novice!

Yes, that's right. Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the beginning of my novitiate. I was teasing with Pat that from now until I leave for St. Paul, I am going to spend the night out since I can. Actually, these last weeks are some that I really spend savoring community, so these are the weeks I don't really want to be away. I don't know if that's lucky for them or not.

Yesterday the novitiate community hosted an ice cream social/going away party for Amy and me. Actually I don't do going away parties, so I think Amy called it "New Horizons" open house on the e-mail that went out. I figure it's the motherhouse--I'll be back. It was just lovely to gather with so many people simply to enjoy one another's company.

This afternoon I experienced my first-ever photo shoot. Well not really, but I have never had so many pictures taken in sequence. (Okay, maybe that's not true. My little brother Brian got a hold of my camera once on my birthday and I do believe there were forty or fifty of me in a row. If I ran through them all quickly, it looked like a comic strip of some sort.) Fontbonne University, the college from which I graduated is doing some little article and came to the motherhouse to take some photos. It felt kind of goofy to keep smiling and turning my head this way and that, but I figure why not have all of the experience that life provides, right?!

Wednesday starts the next section of our Provincial Chapter. I'm actually kind of excited about that. Being with my sisters. Looking ahead. Great energy. After that maybe I'll start thinking about my next move--St. Paul, Minnesota, here I come! While I have yet to start packing or even really planning what I'll be bringing, the "transitional tensions" or "T.T."s as Pat calls them are invading my sleep. I never sleep well the month or so before I leave somewhere and for a few weeks once I arrive. Hopefully I can get enough naps to keep from getting crabby.

I was going to write more, but I am realizing how long this is getting, so maybe next time. I'm sure there will be plenty to share after Chapter. Until then...



  1. Paula Terese8/09/2007 6:13 AM

    Congratulations on making it through one year of novitiate!! My dad just IMed(yesterday) me to tell me congratulations on finishing mine, (I didn't bother telling him that I don't officially end until I take vows on Sept 1st). Anyways, he had me in his daily prayers so he kept track. It was neat. Hope you are happy and/or peaceful about next year's plans. They sound very interesting, it sounds like it will be a good year. You continue to be in my prayers.
    God bless,
    Paula Terese

  2. You are truly a woman of fun and adventure. This next step will be wonderful. Are you going to keep the blog? I hope so.
    What great pictures!!!

    I loved the 'new horizon' party. It was just what we needed.

    Keep cool,