August 17, 2007

Friends and Food

I am leaving for St. Paul on the 29th of August. And, yes, to answer the many questions I have been asked, I do plan to continue the blog from there. As the time to head north draws closer, I have been grateful for the days to visit with family and friends and to take time to prepare to leave here for now. I will say that once I leave here I will have been out to eat more times in these last two weeks than almost the whole rest of the year put together. The time is certainly a gift.

A couple of nights ago my two-year-old Godson, his parents, and his four older siblings came over for supper. The four oldest then stayed the night with me for what Joseph called "The Ultimate Sleepover." We played ping pong, watched movies, drank hot chocolate (yes, I know it was 107 degrees out). Little Anne crawled into bed with me halfway through the night so I had a little catch up to do on sleep after that. I love to hear little voices and maybe a little running in the motherhouse. Sister Mary Helen saw Nathan eyeing her motorized scooter and asked if he would want a ride, so the boys took turns riding up and down the hall. It was a wonderful visit.

Two nights ago the youth group from St. John the Baptist came for a game night at the motherhouse. We played Defend Your Socks (well, a select few were on the ground wrestling each other for their socks), Scattergories, Apples to Apples, Jenga, etc., had snacks, and took a short tour of the motherhouse. It is always fun to have the sisters here mixing with the teens. What a good group on both sides.
I've been through all of the "important" papers that get collected throughout the years, my prayer binder, winter clothes, etc., cleaning out so I'll have less to pack. Little bits at a time. For now, off to lunch.



  1. Gosh, the 29th isn't even a full week after Amy leaves! Be sure to tell us how you are traveling.... car, bus, train, air... traveling alone or with others. If you go by car, your packing is much easier! Just throw it all in the trunk! Six months isn't so very long, but I'll miss your friendly face at Carondelet! God speed!

    Pat M

  2. Blessings on your leave taking and
    packing is always a little chore but a way to review the events of recent and past history.
    Looking forward to your adventures in St.Paul please keep doing the blog love seeing what you are up to. Nancy in Atlanta