May 27, 2007

Come Holy Spirit!

Pentecost Sunday! I'd be having a birthday party here at the house if I weren't getting ready to head to my brother's wedding in an hour or so. Father gave a great homily this morning at Nazareth. It reminded me some of Tony Gittins' talk during our ICN. I pray not that I catch the Spirit but that the Spirit catches me. That is actually quite a dangerous prayer because it means letting go and letting the Spirit lead. I think that's sometimes how I end up in the crazy places that I do. Other times I know I need to let go a little more. This is particularly true as plans come together for my second year of the novitiate. Initially the plan was to head to Orange, California for a year, but as things have worked out, we've decided to work on an alternative. Nothing is set for sure yet, but most likely the year will include various ministries for various timeframes with various sisters in various parts of the county and or world. (That should just about cover anything that could happen.) Right now things seem to be changing all the time, so I'm trying not to get too excited about anything specific, but whatever happens will be wonderful. It just tends to work that way when I let go and live in the moment with all that God has in store.

Well, I'd better go get a dress on or something and head to a wedding. What a night it will be! Pictures to come later this week.

Happy Pentecost!


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  1. Great pictures and prayers for Vicky and John. So good to share family events and I am thrilled that Pat is 'working the crowd'. Seize the moment.....seized by love.