April 10, 2007

Happy Easter!

From Holy Week to Easter so quickly! Most of us here in the house attended services at St. Stephen's in the neighborhood. They did such a great job. Each day flowing so naturally into the next, and each part of each service doing the same. Growing up there were so many of us little kids that I never went to a Holy Saturday mass and rarely even a service on Holy Thursday or Good Friday. It wasn't until three years ago that I went to my first Holy Saturday liturgy. I loved it! It makes the whole rest of the liturgical year make sense. If you're reading this and have never gone, I highly recommend it. It is a bit long, but a wonderful celebration.

Easter was nice. I was able to join my family for mass and dinner. Everyone was able to be home. I got to hear wedding plans from my brother and his fiance who are getting married next month. It is the first wedding in my immediate family, so things are getting exciting.

Yesterday was Pat's birthday. Out to dinner and back for prayer and some lemon pie. (Pat loves lemon!) She actually headed off this morning to Kansas City to spend a couple of days with her family. So, that gives me the afternoon without class. I've finished the paper I have due on charism, so I think I'll read a new book I got on reconciliation. It's not quite warm enough to spend the whole afternoon outside, but soon enough.
I'm at kind of a nice, comfortable plateau right now. I hate almost to say it because I know it won't last too long. Actually I wouldn't ever want to stay at a plateau--flatline. Life is much more interesting in the ups and downs. Paschal mystery every day. A good Eater week reflection.



  1. So great to celebrate 50 days of EASTER! Let's see if we can keep saying HAPPY EASTER for alllllll these days. What would the world think of us! Great time to celebrate Pat's birthday now that she is in the 'and over club'.

    Spring come back!


  2. Great photo of Pat! And, yes, plateaus offer great views, but require climbing up and down if you plan to "move" anywhere else. Happy Easter on day 4....

    Pat M