April 15, 2007

Another Time

I am not sure exactly what to write about this week. I could write about the day we had on the psalms Wednesday, prayer in poetry. The reiteration of the limitations of language wrapped in a challenge to be as creative and limitless as I can in my calling of God. I could write about the disappearance and slow return of the warm, spring weather. The amazing transformation of our little section of earth as the buds appear, then quickly disappear replaced by bright green newness. I was amazed at the tulips here at the motherhouse. I call them resurrection tulips. Beautiful for about a week until the freeze. All the flowers fell doubled over on the earth. Then, amazingly, back to life with a bit of sunshine. I could write about discernment, the balancing of continued questions with the commitments I have made. I could write about crazy fun with community or supper with friends. Little two-year-old Grace sharing some of her favorite words (aparatus and extravaganza) and snuggles with us. Laughter and tears. But, I have homework I need to finish for class with Pat on Tuesday. So, maybe I'll just write something another time.


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  1. Sarah,
    For someone who did have too much to say this week you did a great job...outlining the activities you have been involved in:)
    Happy Spring. Nancy in Atlanta