February 01, 2007

Try this!

So, if you find yourself sitting home this weekend with nothing exciting to do, you could try one of the following random things I've somehow come to know. Guaranteed to make you wonder, laugh, or spit soda out all over the place.

1. Metos and Coke--Some of you may have seen amazing displays of this over the internet, but if you've never tried it yourself, it is probably my favorite of this list. Take a two-liter bottle of soda (I've been told that Diet Coke works the best), open it, and all at one time drop in four Mentos (little mint candies). I would step back quickly if I were you because the soda will spray up almost like a fountain. Definitely cool.

For those people who don't mind getting a little sticky, perhaps, I have also tried putting the Mentos in my mouth and pouring the soda in on top. A little different twist.

2. Bananas and Sprite--In similar fashion, if you take a big bite of a banana, chew it up, and keep it in your mouth, then you take a large swig of white soda as well--same kind of result. You will spit it out all over. Do be aware of your surroundings before you try these last two. Some people don't like chewed up banana all over their driveways.

3. Microwaving Grapes--I think one of my little brothers showed me this. We all know that if you microwave something metal it will spark. But, did you know that if you cut a grape in half leaving just a bit of the skin attached so that both sides are still barely connected and put it in the microwave, it will spark too? Yeah! Who'd have thought?!

4. Burning Fritos--I think it's because of the oil in the chips, but if you light Fritos on fire, they will burn.

See, look at all of these fun things you learned today by coming to our blog.
--Sarah (Although I did momentarily think of putting Pat's name by this entry.)


  1. I think this was really written by Pat, and she signed Sarah's name, then put the parenthetical note to throw us off. Things are not what they seem on the internet.

    --Amy (hmmmm.... is it really???)

  2. Another "fun" activity: A strawberry poptart (the unfrosted variety) if left in a toaster with the handle taped down will burst into flames. A waste of a toaster, but exciting nonetheless.

    And by the way, your novitiate experiences are way cooler than mine were! :-)

  3. It's -10 here in Casper (aka the Arctic Circle), snowing and windy. And I had been wondering what the heck we were going to do with all of us stuck inside (again) all weekend. Now I know! Thanks Sarah!
    -- Uncle Dave

  4. Uncle Paul here. Here's another thought ... have your 8 year old cook dinner for you ... similar results to the photo of Sarah.

  5. Wow! So much fun! I may have to try that one. Love Amy's comment! haha

    -ALISHA M.

  6. That is just gross!

    Love you! Aunt Ellen

  7. Wow!!! exciting! I wish I drank soda(and had mentos), at least i didn't give it up for Lent!