January 29, 2007

Amy's Birthday!

What fun we had celebrating Amy's birthday! We began the evening with dinner at Four Seasons - a Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant. The ambiance was warm and inviting, the food was delicious and the server was a bit, shall we say, assertive. We enjoyed sharing stories while eating and had lots of laughs.

We then proceeded home where Sarah had us gather for prayer. She invited each of us to reflect on our own birthdays and ask: Who was I a year ago? Am I different today? How have I grown? What do I long for and what seems yet unfinished? Who are the significant people in my life and how has our journey together been? This was taken from Joyce Rupp's book, "Out of the Ordinary". There was much gratitude expressed in our sharing. We have grown in so many ways since coming together six months ago. We genuinely enjoy and trust one another. We are blessed! We ended prayer with a birthday blessing for Amy.

Next came yummy chocolate ice cream and cupcakes (calorie free, of course!). Afterwards, we played charades by opening a fortune cookie and acting out the fortune. I knew I was in trouble as soon as I read my fortune. It had something to do with perseverance. Having played charades just a couple of times, I decided to ask Sarah to act out the fortune. It was quite a performance! Amy and Pat also provided many laughs as they entertained us with their charades. A fun time was had by all!

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  1. Happy Birthday Amy! Sounds like fun was had by all. And good reflection for the celebration....hard to believe 6 months have gone by. Happy sailing through 2007.
    Nancy In Atlanta