December 06, 2006

Ice and Waiting

Advent here began with a round of winter storms, most notably the inches of slush that froze to create inches of ice over last weekend. What a gift during this hustle and bustle time for some to have no choice but to stay home and get cozy. I did say lots of prayers for those who didn't have a cozy place to go to get out of the elements, but for me, I spent part of the next morning out admiring the handiwork of God. Ice on delicate rose petals, winter consuming the last remnants of summer's fruits. With no way to go out and get a good run in, I used some of my energy scraping cars on the lot. With a little help from the sun, I actually had a great time.

And now the real work of Advent. Waiting...and waiting. But for what? Jesus' birth? The coming of the Reign of God? Truly it's already here. So, this Advent I am actually trying to be more conscious of the Kingdom here and now. If I can increase my awareness just a little bit each day, hopefully by the time Christmas comes I'll be ready to see Jesus present.

Tomorrow begins the first weekend of our big province Chapter meetings. There will be tons of sisters and associates present, lots to discuss, and with discernment added on top of that, I will be more than exhausted come Sunday. But, I think there is a pool where we are staying as well as entertainment of some kind, so I think I'll make it. If you're reading this, add some prayers for us this weekend. More prayers can only be a good thing. May your Advent beginnings be blessed.



  1. Sarah, please check on the photos you inserted in this blog... Either my computer is doing strange things or the photos never got uploaded.... I WANT to see what you saw!

    May the next two weeks of Advent be a totally new experience for you!

    Pat Murphy

  2. Sarah,
    I got home after the weekend and just wanted you to know your great on Paper but your even more fun in person. It was great to spend time in "CSJ land". Happy Advent!
    May the gift of the season come alive and be present for us all !!!! Nancy In Atlanta