November 30, 2006

Thanksgiving Thanks

In the course of a week, I had a thanksgiving meal six times! All delicious, of course! Just a lot of turkey. I saved my pie for the two "family" events: Wednesday night Thanksgiving with my local community and Thursday night with my blood family.

What a fun trip home. My brother John and his fiance Vicky brought their boxing gloves to my parents so we pretended to hit each other for a few hours. There were about 35 of us at my mom and dad's that night for turkey and all the trimmings. I stayed the night and the next morning my whole family went to my neighbors' to help with some yard work. It is amazing how much work we can do in a short period of time. My mom invited the whole crowd back out on Friday to help with the leftovers.

This week has simply flown by. I began my ministry days at the Carondelet Community Betterment Federation. I worked Monday morning at a food pantry in the neighborhood and spent the afternoon doing house calls. Tuesday I spent some time out at Nazareth visiting with the sisters and helping with Christmas cards. Yesterday for our ICN, the group was here. S. Lisa Lazio, CSJ led us in a presentation on "'Person' in Community." We did art throughout the presentation, creating mandalas around who we are and our stories. The group of novices and directors then stayed for mass and supper here. Before mass I taught some of the novices how to play spoons. Great fun! Actually so much fun that the leadership team, who, unbeknownst to us, was having a meeting right below us had to come and ask us to be quiet. Liturgy was quite a celebration. Great music and rich singing. It was a treat for all of us.

I'm in kind of a bad sleep cycle right now and last night was the worst, so hopefully tonight I'll crash. Prayer day tomorrow. Maybe God will answer my prayers for a few good hours. For now, off to class.



  1. This is a great story! Some things never change. Novices always create a spirit that invites folks to check it out!

    Did your Dad win?

    Let's see what you do with these 'blustery' days.


  2. Did my dad win?! I was ahead after the first round and that was all he could take. My little brother Brian did beat me, but only because he hid his face the whole time. Chicken!

  3. HI Sarah! Sounds like you are having loads of fun! I am happy that you had a great Thanksgiving! The days are getting numbered now! I shall see everyone in a matter of days! Take care and God Bless!

    -Alyssa M.