October 02, 2006

Progressive Party!

How long does it take for twenty-one sisters of St. Joseph to get their calendars together? About two months! I think it would have been longer if it weren't for the occassion of a party. The other four communities here at the Motherhouse officially welcomed us, the Novitiate Community, with a progressive supper this past weekend. We began in the Holy Family Community with hor'dourves, moved to Sacred Heart Community for pizza, then to Our Lady's Community for fruit and veggies, and finally to St. Joseph's Community for dessert. What a welcome it was! We took pictures with all four communities, but for some reason I can't get the other two photos to upload. You'll just have to imagine us at two other tables full of food as well.

I began today at my new ministry site for the next month-and-a-half or so. The kindergarten and first grade rooms at Central Catholic St. Nicholas School will be my new home away from home. Beautiful children! We wrote 'H' stories, played a little football at recess, and learned about "action words." I wanted to stay and have nap time, but the mats weren't quite large enough. It is a little challenging for me to be back in the classroom as kind of an observer/helper after having had my own room the last couple of years. But, there are perks as well. No lesson plans!!

No doubt that the last two months have been challenging. It is always difficult for me to get settled in a new community. This time especially so with the schedule differences and just the new step I am taking. In the last week, however, I have finally begun to feel more like myself. The energy is returning, creativity peaking, and I am remembering all of the reasons why this is where I choose to be. I still have so much to learn and lots of growing and discerning to do. But, for tonight, I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.


  1. We also showed all the sisters our novitiate blog - so since I'm sure they are logging in, I would like to add my thanks to Sarah's for a wonderful evening. -- Amy

  2. Hang in there Sarah! Sounds like you are doing fantastic!
    Miss YA

  3. ^
    Alisha M.

  4. Glad to see life is moving around and having some fun! Nancy in Georgia