December 31, 2012

Sisters of the World (and Chickens)

The first group that left for Cusco and Machu Piccu has returned.  Rose from Albany and Irene from Los Angeles returned to regale us with their stories.  Rose shared one of her favorites with me that I might share it with you:

The Center House where we are staying in Lima.
"In Cusco, the chicken guy was carrying two or three chickens in a wrap like they carry babies here.  As they passed I prayed, 'Poor things.  Eternal rest grant onto them,' as I knew they were going to their last hoorah.  Irene said that the chickens were calling out, ´Help us, Rose!  Help us, Rose!´  I went to the market today in Lima and saw their fate, all of the chickens hanging upside down.  I even touched a pig."

She continues:

"Our sisters here are very hospitable and very energetic.  Even with the language barrier, as we walked to the market today, Liz and I were able to communicate.  Even though the conversations are simple, we are building relationships.  I look forward to deeping them as much as we can as we build our future together."

Maritza, from Peru, shared this message:

"Estoy muy contenta conocer mas de Hermanas de San Jose.  Es una gran oportunidad de ampliar nuestra visión de congregación porque venimos de diferentes lugares del mundo como Japón, Estados Unidos, Hawaii, España y tantas otras paises como hermanas del mundo.  Doy gracias a Dios y a la congregación por hacer posible este encuentro, un encuentro de culturas, sueños, anhelos para el futuro.  Deseo que todas escuchemos al Espíritu en este tiempo especial entre este pueblo Peruana.  Gracias por venir a conocernos.  Saludas de todas las hermanas."

My translation:  "I am very glad to meet more Sisters of St. Joseph.  It is a great opportunity to enlarge our vision of congregation as we come from different places around the world like Japan, the United States, Hawaii, Spain and so many other countries as sisters of the world.  I give thanks to God and to the congregation for making this meeting possible, a meeting of cultures, dreams, and longings for the future.  I hope we can all listen to the Spirit in this special time amongst the Peruvian people.  Thank you for coming to get to know us.  Greetings to all of the sisters."

Maritza is in her early thirties and has final vows.  She just finished her studies at the university and will be doing her practice teaching in a school soon.  The last time I was here I has the opportunity to go with Maritza as she taught an adult Spanish class.  She seamlessly wove parenting skills and prayer into the class.  She will be great.

Volleyball at Campo de Marte.  From left to right:  Liz,
Nancy, Sonya, Jill, Yoli, Anne, and Mery.
A group of sisters from the U.S. went today to the cemetery to see where our sisters are buried.  The arrived at the same time as Maria Rubina´s family and made a wonderful connection.  There were trips to the market, walks around the block and artisania, and a romping game of volleyball this afternoon.  The sisters here are are having their community night tonight, so the rest of us did dishes and will try to keep ourselves occupied and out of trouble without our great Peruvian friends to accompany us.  Francine commented today (and she may have gotten this from another sister) that, "You know it is a young group by their volume and their laughter."  So true.



  1. From what I can tell the volleyball players were real "grace" in motion! It continues to be such an awesome experience to see you all together being sisters with each other despite any language difficulties...wouldn't it be great if the world could see "how it could be"! My thoughts and prayers are there with you as is my heart and spirit...just wish I could have gotten the body in someone's suitcase!!!! Linda

  2. Blessings on you as you gather! I am enjoying your stories and the sounds of your laughter. It does remind me of my own youth in community as we learned, looked forward to serving, played volleyball, sang, prayed and became CSJ in a world of need. So Godspeed in your gathering. Rely on our and my support as you continue to be a spark of the divine! Much love,
    Carol L Smith, CSJ

  3. Hi Everyone,

    Sounds like you are all having a great time building relationships and sharing quality time. I'm so glad you have this opportunity. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers. With love and support,

    Theresa Harpin, CSJ/LA

  4. It is so great to read the stories you are sharing with the rest of the CSj community. Blessing on your wonderful time together and building new globe relationships. You all have my support,

    Love Ruth Brooker CSJ/ St. Paul