July 18, 2012

Dream for Dreams' Sake

Are all dreams meant to be attainable?

What does the act of dreaming, the knowledge or belief that this could happen, what does that do to a person, to the universe?

Can the energy of dreams, spitting, spilling potential into the cosmos, affect an outcome?  Shift something?  Unbalance or balance something?

I do believe it can.  I believe that dreams can alter the trajectory of lives, events.

Dream for dreams' sake.

My eight day, silent, directed retreat comes to an end in the morning.  I've had some really good God-experiences, praying my way though a first draft of a vow formula, many meditations, and lots of times of silent gratitude and appreciation.  Tomorrow starts the theology institute with Ilia Delio.  I'm sure there will be much to share from that experience.  Until then...

Much peace--Sarah


  1. Dear Sarah,
    It sounds as though your time has been rich with prayer, self-awareness, and beauty - both beauty observed and beauty created by you. I am so happy for you and eagerly await your return!Blessings on your continued journey.