July 01, 2012

Blogging from a hermitage?

Blogging from a hermitage?!  What next?!  Well, it is Sabbath, and I decided that I wanted to share.  So, yes, I'm blogging from my hermitage.  It is desert, both literally and figuratively.  I'm staying in Newman Hermitage seen here.  Small and perfect.  I have a window seat in which I spend the bulk of my time inside, except when the sun is pouring in that window and the heat is a little much.  The first day I was just amazed at the silence.  I have sliced onions before and I know what it sounds like, but I had no idea what it sounds like when the sound of slicing onions is the only sound.  The food is simple and delicious:  little cream curds floating in my whole, organic milk.  It didn't take long to start talking to myself, or the flies, or the carving on which I'm working.  I was hiking the other day and a woman came up the path just as I finished talking to a bird.  I imagine she heard me, but who knows and who cares.  It is also funny to be without time, in a way.  I eat when I'm hungry, which, for those of you who know me, is often.  I sleep when I'm tired, which has varied, depending on the day.  And I pray always/all ways--reading, meditating, carving, etc.  It would not be practical for the world to hermitage, nor would I want it as a permanent state of life (although I can see how some do), but, thus far, it has been a wonderful window into grace.  I'll share more later, but here are two pictures from a hike this week. 

The lake was my ultimate destination, five miles up into the craddle of two mountains, but it was the Columbines, the abundant flowers filling the space above timber line that I loved most.  The scent was overwhelming.  I find the walking challenging, prayerful, and ultimately invigorating of both body and spirit. 

Here's to Sabbath and cream curds.


  1. What did the bird say?
    Enjoy sis!
    Love MB

  2. I feel more peaceful just reading this. Enjoy. Amy

  3. Great pix !! I like how the colors and the pictures themselves blend in so well with each other .... kudos! I hope that you can find some time to come visit my blog as well:


    Best regards,

  4. You are giving me ideas for my own retreat in September. I won't have a camera, and I won't take long walks, but I will enjoy the silence and the sounds of nature. Your prep is exactly what you hoped for and need,it seems. Here's a good laugh--The last note I e-mailed to you was first accidently sent to Sarah Baker, amusing and mystifying her.


  5. Love the top ten --- and I am happy you didn't find the bear or lion. What you found and shared is wonderful. May you last days before returning to St. Louis be wonderful and filled with new experiences.
    Peace and prayers