September 26, 2011

What a delight!

Yesterday we had our first Housing Fair in the St. Louis province. This was an event to invite sisters who will be changing their residence, or are beginning to think about that. We invited them to share prayer, conversation and a picnic.
It was a delightful gathering. We shared about the blessing that community and home has been to us over the years. How nice it has been to have sisters to share our life, with its blessings and challenges, to share prayer and work and laughter and fun. It has been important for us. We also reflected on the hardships of our brothers and sisters who don't have a home or family or community. How blest we are, and how we pray and work that all may have the basic necessities and the blessing of family, friends and community.
As I ask myself where community is leading me, I also admire the courage of the women who are facing changes in their lives and supporting one another along the way. I heard many say I would like this to be my last move. That is the reality of many of my sisters. They are coming to their last moves. Very much alive and vibrant, but conscious of where they are in life.
I too face a future and they encourage me to go forward with that same honesty and courage. And along the way, we support one another and enjoy the journey, even as our ways lead us on divergent paths at times. The one God who lives and loves in each of us, also draws into the union that is deeper than uniformity of path. God is so much bigger than that.
Blessings for the week!

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  1. That is good news - good to hear.