January 16, 2011

To Journey & Dream...

Dinner @ the CSJ Motherhouse! Yum!
 Catholics celebrate Vocations today/this weekend to promote Vocations to religious life. In order to promote vocations we, the CSJs, co-hosted a "come and see" weekend with the Franciscans of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. We call the weekend "Journey & Dream", because it is a weekend to talk about your life's journey & where that journey might be taking you.

Last year at this time I participated in the retreat and this year as a candidate with the CSJs, I helped host it when the women arrived at our Motherhouse. During the weekend we share with the participants what it means to be a CSJ, a Franciscan, and a Poor Clare. The Poor Clare's are a cloistered order, the Franscicans are an evangelical order, and we are an apostolic order. I was glad to be a part of the weekend because I found it energizing as we celebrated the religious life that our sisters have made a commitment to.

It is always fun to share, meet new people, and pray! (Which I certainly did this weekend!) Thank you to the Vocation directors, Kathy Eiler,CSJ,,  Linda Markway,CSJ, and Ellen Horn, OSFOLPH, who put the weekend together!  

In football news: The Green Bay Packers will face the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship!!! This will be an epic game for the ages!! We have many sisters from the Green Bay area and a few from Chicago as well! Who will win?! I personally want to see the Packers win with Rodgers as QB!
The NY Jets will face the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC championship! Go Jets!
I hope everyone has a great week! ~Clare


  1. It really was a great weekend - a celebration of many journeys and dreams at various stages of being lived out. Thanks everyone!

  2. Hey Clare!! We are thinking bout you as we pray for vocations at Fatima! Love, Kathy, Rick and Richard

  3. Clare...If this "sister" thing does not work out, you have a future as a sports writer! Miss you love! Please know you are in our hearts and prayers! Let me know if you are up for a Tuesday Night Dinner speaking engagement. Love you, Fran