June 29, 2010

Mid-October (2011?)

As I have moved back to St. Louis, I am very aware of the transition, and told my community the other day that I was looking forward to the routine I expect to have by maybe mid-October--a little less transition space hopefully by then. As we looked at all that could be possibly coming, however, we decided we may need to extend that transition timeframe to October 2011.

Although I "officially" moved back June 1st, I have been busy about many things in the meantime. Retreat was mostly disaster including a spider bite and trip to urgent care, but the care of the sisters and my director there was certainly a gift of the week. Then I headed to Concordia, KS for the initial vow ceremony of my good friend, Julie. It was delightful to be with the sisters there, as well some other initially professed from across the Federation. I can't tell you when I have most recently laughed so hard. Then it was home for a few days of work in my classroom before driving back to MS to pick up three vanloads of high school volleyball players for a week of volleyball camp here in St. Louis. While it was quite a bit of work and energy, it was a great week. Wonderful young women, polite, hardworking. My family was amazing. They hosted the group and did lots of the driving. I couldn't have done it without them. Now, hard core classroom time in preparation for summer school.

Ahhh, life. Lots of wonderful life happenings. Happy summer to all.

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