May 01, 2010

Wildlife Creatures

This morning I saw my first live armadillo. I was heading out for a morning run and it was just walking across the yard. I wanted to go touch it. It was moving pretty slowly. I totally think I could have caught it. We have a woman staying the weekend with us, and it was hilarious to hear the stories she told about the things she and her family and friends used to do with armadillos. Who knew?

Wednesday morning as I was leaving for work, I had a little conversation with a squirrel on the powerlines above our driveway. Talkative little fellow.

Last weekend as I ran, I came across two male birds fighting over a female. I have never seen a more vicious fight. One bird actually had the other pinned to the ground. I tried to whistle and holler at them to get them to break it up, but they were pretty oblivious to my presence.

Cute, little birds in the parking lot yesterday. An amazingly blue bluebird this afternoon. A fox that ran across the street three feet in front of me as I walked to school. A groundhog near the library. All these little creatures. I'm so glad our world is shared space.

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