December 19, 2009


Night number four of nine for Posadas. Our thirteenth night of prayer and gathering this December when you add our novena for Our Lady of Guadalupe. For those of you who are not familiar with Posadas, it is a reenactment of sorts of Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay. The children take turns dressing as Mary and Joseph and those of us gathered sing a song, first telling them there is no room, but eventually welcoming them with instruments and merriment. We then move into the rosary and a litany of prayers before finishing--of course--with something "muy rico" to eat. Kate and I hosted two nights ago. We had only fifty or so in our little house this year as compared with the seventy we had last year. I have never experienced a community of all ages coming together so faithfully, prayerfully, and with such fun. I was actually thinking tonight of Bethlehem and the crowds and the lack of space, but knowing after these nights, that there is indeed always room for one more. Christmas comes soon. May our hearts have more than enough space for the joy that comes with knowing Christ alive with us.

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