November 15, 2009

Weekend St.L.

There is something nice about being within driving distance of St. Louis. I took a half a day off of work to drive up on Friday. Got to have a delicious chilli dinner and play some games with family, see my brother and sister-in-law's new dog and new fence, feed baby Charlie some prunes.

The rest of the weekend has been spent as part of what we call a Wisdom Circle around vocation/formation issues. It was awesome to share with sisters and associates who are all energized around future possibilities that are coming to be now. In a day it is difficult to delve too deeply into any topic, but I feel like we have a lot of fodder with which to play, and I know the conversation is far from over. It is an interesting balance to dream the future and live the now and see how they come together and when. I love it all.

I don't love the sinus issues I've currently got going on, but hopefully some rest will be healing.

Another week of possibilities ahead. Yeah God!


  1. Hi, Sister Sarah:)
    I love hearing about your experiences! It has helped me so much to see that my life, living and working with a migrant farmworker community as a pastoral counselor is much more like the life I wanted to have as a Sister; more like the life that you are living. This has encouraged me - and I feel much less "out there":)
    I, too, began my career as a bilingual special education teacher for migrant farmworker children. I loved my life as a teacher!!!
    Anyway, how great it is that you are within driving distance to St. Louis and family. It has been really nice to participate in the reflections on your journey.

    Blessings and Appreciation,
    Susan csja

  2. Sarah,
    I absolutley had a blast on this weekend. I do hope that we are able to do this again soon!