August 07, 2009

Show Up and Smile

I don't know God.
"What?" you might ask.
Why is everything such mystery? Why does what seems like chaos somehow come to make sense, and what I happily believe begins to make sense dissolve into chaos?
How do you appear always when I need you and always when I am not looking?
What mission specifics you have in mind for me, I never get right. Just show up, I say, and smile.
An excerpt from Father Nepper's "Portrait of a 'Daughter of St. Joseph'" that I've taken to reading every morning:
"Eyes open, ears attentive, spirit alert...
sleeves rolled up for ministry,
without excluding the more humble, the less pleasing,
the less noticeable.
Finally, in her face the reflection of the virtue
proper to our Congregation
"continual joy of spirit."
This is the quiet innner glow
of the Sister whose life in the service of Jesus Christ
has been successful.
One week of school down. The heat has re-emerged just in time for un-airconditioned gymnasiums and running tracks. Still waiting on my new baby nephew. Another family wedding in a month. So much for which to be grateful.

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  1. Amen and amen. No need to wait for "big miracles" to be thankful. It's all miraculous and wondrous- including your endeavors and service. Enjoy and be well.