May 31, 2009


Our last day of work at school for the summer was Tuesday and I have already switched from busy, school-year mode to overly busy, summer mode.

Last weekend was fabulous amounts of fun, traveling back to St. Louis for my sister Christie's wedding shower and girls' night out. The weather couldn't have been more cooperative as we sat out at my mom and dad's playing our version of "The Newlywed Game." The "soon-to-be-weds" Christie and Chuck tied with my grandparents, married 57 years, for the most questions answered correctly. The next day we asked random strangers wedding questions and had fun trying on dresses. (For Christie's sake I mention that the picture is one of those fun photos, not the actual bridal party wear.) I think one little girl had the best answer. Maybe 9 or 10 years old we asked her and her little sister how they know someone is old enough to be married. She pondered and gave the answer of, "After they have a college degree," to which my mom high-fived her mom. Smart little one.

Friday, Sr. Linda, one of our sisters (of the CSJ variety) came down with her younger blood sister and two nieces, Sam and Adriel, who will be staying with us for the week.

Yesterday Sam and Adriel came with us to a Hispanic youth Encuentro (Encounter)--kind of a retreat day. Much of it was given in Spanish, which I think the girls actually enjoyed. Our teens were great; very welcoming, as always. Last night they were texting each other to make sure everyone will be coming to church today so they can see them. We've got bets on one young man.

After church today we will be working in earnest on the details for our "God's Great Gifts" vacation bible school that starts tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll have some great pictures from that.

For now, off to church myself.



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