April 29, 2009

God's Treats

Aren't they beautiful?! The rose bushes in front of our house have exploded this week. And they just keep coming. The bushes on either end are red, with a pink bush in the middle. There is one pastel pink rose in the middle of the bush that is so out of place. It is beautiful, but just so different in comparison to every other bloom on the plant. God's little treat for anyone who is looking.

I started a little garden this week. I was out back starting to turn some dirt, when our next door neighbor came and offered to help. It was great to hear his story as we worked up a good sweat together.

Things here are "involved" as of late and I felt pretty exhausted much of the afternoon, not so much from activity but from being part of the lives of many people. It's a wonderful exhaustion, I suppose, but a good sleep tonight would probably help to keep me from being crabby tomorrow.

When the walk involves plenty of sunshine, sneaky pink flowers, and wonderful relationships, who can complain?

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