March 24, 2009

Weeds? Not So!

Weeds. Just saying the word makes me bare my teeth and wrinkle my nose. But, whoever included the beautiful, delicate wildflowers that cover the ground before the first grasscutting in the weed category needs to pray more. White, purple, and yellow tend to be the most abundant here, but I also saw a gorgeous red variety on my walk home this afternoon. I tried to count all the different types from block to block, but it was impossible. That's not counting the purposefully planted flowers, redbuds, dogwoods, bradford pears, and other flowering bushes and trees. While my track team and I find that all the pollen in the air makes it difficult to get out a satisfying spit, I suppose it is worth it for the beauty of spring's start.

Spring break was fabulous. I spent a few days with my family shoveling mulch, playing frisbee golf and lots of board games. At about 8:00 we decided maybe we ought to stop and make something for dinner. I found out the new baby we are expecting will be a boy. Between that and the two weddings being planned for this coming summer, there is lots happening.

Then time with community. We celebrated St. Joseph's Day and Jubilee in high style with Eucharist, lunch, dinner, photos, and lots of hugs and laughter. It was the first time that I had the opportunity to renew my vows with my community. I renew them every morning, but there is something special about saying it with the group of women with whom I have committed my life.

Now, back to school. We are preparing for a month of testing at school. Not my favorite way to spend the day usually, but we'll find a way to make it enjoyable nonetheless. Thankfully the weather has been wonderful for running, so the afternoons end on a high note no matter how monotonous the days get.

Lent continues with an awareness of the theme of healing in the gospels. So I ask what it is that needs healing in my life and leave myself open to those things yet to be revealed. God, as always, is great, and I am grateful for so much in my life.



  1. I love you Sarah.
    I miss you tons, wish I could have spent more time with you while you were in. If it helps, I passed my test I had to study for and am now finally passing the class...:)

  2. love the photos - great that you go to StL and enjoy the festivities and visit family.

  3. Hey Coach Hey!
    I read what you said about the pollen and spit and I LITERALLY laughed out loud. I remember having that conversation! :)
    Thanks for putting up with us every day at track! You're awesome!