December 01, 2008

The Fun We Have

Time with my family is never boring. After a long day of working in the yard, my dad showered and arrived at the dinner table for our Thanksgiving meal in a nice shirt and sport jacket. Feeling underdressed, the rest of us then headed upstairs to find old prom dresses. Our dog Molly didn't have a dress, but then, she didn't eat with us at the table either. Looking at the picture here of my brother Joey in his blue jeans and baseball cap, I'm surprised he made the cut. A delicious, wonderful time with family as always.
Now to Advent. I know I said in the last blog that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Well, Advent is my favorite season (liturgically that is, as summer is my favorite season weather wise). To add more confusion, or clarification, I'd like to think, December 8th, the feast of the Immaculate Conception is my favorite day of the year, period. A week from today it will be five years since I peacefully heard and joyfully accepted the call to be a Sister of St. Joseph. I'll have to go back and look at the blog for the last two years at this time, but I'm sure I've recalled some of that day. I haven't yet decided how I'd like to celebrate. Not like in a big, wear prom dresses to dinner, kind of celebration, but in a private God and I, more Thanksgiving, YES! kind of way.
Tomorrow is the Ripley Christmas Parade. Look soon for pictures of our amazing float! Then begins novena for Our Lady of Guadalupe. A wonderfully, busy month ahead. I'm working to keep Advent the peaceful, prayerful searching that I so enjoy, while fully partaking in as much Advent activity with our church community as I can. Like always, living the moment seems to be the key. For this moment, off to complete my bedtime rituals and chat with God.


  1. Sounds like a great time - glad you made it home for the celebration. I enjoyed Barb here - I'll try to give you a buzz before too long.

  2. I forgot that you had this blog. I'm glad Thanksgiving was a time of thanks and fun with your family. I too find Advent to be my favorite liturgical season but it can be hard to be fully present to it. Know that you will be thought about on December 8th, we are all planning on sharing a meal together here in St.Louis.
    with love, Lori

  3. Hey there, Sweet Sarah Jane! It has been weeks since I've read your blog; however, of course, we have had some fine phone conversations, yes?

    The pictures are all captivating--especially of your brother in his jeans and cap! (I've always favored the unconventional. . . )
    Barbara, John, Megan, you and Katie all look great and it's so nice to recognize the area within which you were photographed!

    It's cold, raining and snow and a wee bit of sleet is predicted--being from MO they will have to show me.

    Ministry at Nazareth Living Center continues to be one of the most life-giving times in my days. It's so nice to be on my 2nd year now, so that I can call many co-workers by name. 'Tis a blessing.

    Love to you, Sarah. I will be glad to hear about the Search weekend. Hope all went well.

    More later.


    QuidQuid. . . .