November 12, 2008

Fall Faith Fest

I do love energizing, youthful, spirit-filled events. I was able to go with five of the teens from church to the diocesan Fall Faith Fest event this past weekend. Held at a beautiful ranch, we played basketball amidst the pines, stood at a midnight bonfire under the stars, and even took a little boat ride to rescue a group who capsized in their canoe (Number one--VERY COLD! Number two--thank goodness there was an adult in the boat also and they were all wearing their life jackets.) The theme was "Catholics Rock!" so you can imagine the music and bit of dancing and may even be able to guess the theme (who's "the rock?"). It was fun to see the young church gathered and to share in their excitement, and it was equally as great to meet some other youth directors and to watch their example. I am a bit tired as there has been lots going on, but I find that the spiritual energy from those types of events far outweighs the physical drain.

Still more days ahead this week, so I'm off to bed rather than type much more. Peace and all things good.



  1. Glad you enjoyed Fall Faith Fest! I did it last year and it was a blast because I got to hang out with friends from MSU who led the weekend. If you liked that, then you should enjoy Search, which I heard you might be at...

  2. I'm beginning to think there may be some cosmic law that dictates you (Sarah) cannot avoid getting drenched while outdoors and near cold water.

    Remind me to keep a respectable distance from you during winter...