October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

From our church Halloween party on Wednesday, to Ripley's Halloween on the square last night, to trick-or-treators tonight (of yet, we've had none) it has been a week filled with spooky fun. The children from church are so easy to entertain. Organized or unorganized they know how to have a great time with each other. With pick up games of flag football spontaneously starting all around us, we also had bobbing for apples, face painting, scavenger hunts, and mummy wraps (as you can see below--what a good sport!). The party on the square last night was good, small-town fun. Businesses and groups set up booths with chili tasting and trick-or-treating. Little goblins, ghosts, pumpkins, and even a habited nun, who, by the way, won the prize for "Most Original" costume (I'm not real sure what that says about Kate and me.). The high school marching band played and there was a little pep-rally for the football game tonight. Lots of families out having a good time.

Tomorrow is All Saints' Day, also known as The Day of the Dead in the Latin American culture. The altar is being set up at church as we speak (I left an hour ago, but I'm sure they're still at it). I'll have to take a picture when it is all finished and do some explaining as to why certain things are there.

For tonight I think I'm heading to bed. I am bringing one of the cross country runners to Jackson tomorrow for the state meet; the young man also plays football and, with the game tonight, wasn't free to travel until tomorrow. It should be a beautiful day to run, but, then, what day isn't.




  1. I've always thought it would be fascinating to visit Mexico City on Dia de Los Muertos. I take it some of the "certain things that need explaining" may include the sugar skulls commemorating departed loved ones? Interesting history behind that...


  2. Hi Sarah, Just found your blog via Sister Sandy's blog Nunsuch. Would like to list the blog in my "Blogs by Catholic Nuns" -- if okay with you, let me know how to describe it. Thanks!