July 02, 2008

Short Addition

A short addition to yesterday´s posting... (if you haven´t read that one, read it first and come back to this)

Anne and and I headed to the kitchen after breakast to do the dishes and one of the novices, Luz, was already there. Anne told her that we would be happy to do the dishes. Luz gave a big smile, said "No comprendo," and continued on.


  1. Sarah,
    I'm glad your incomprehension is catching! Laughter brings out the best in folks :-)
    I'm off tomorrow to Kewanee to be with my mom and family for the fourth of July holiday.
    Hope all continues to be fun for you. Saludos a Ana!


  2. Sarah,
    Happy 4th of July and blessings on your continued experience and learning in the lower hemisphere.
    Nancy in Atlanta.