July 18, 2008

¿Donde va el tiempo?

Although I am not headed home for a week yet, this morning was our last morning of prayer and mass here in Lima. We are leaving at about lunch time for Huancayo, the last place we have yet to visit where are sisters are currently stationed. It will be a six to eight hour bus ride in the highest altitudes we have yet to travel. That is saying a lot after the last trip, so we are as prepared as we can be for any sickness that might occur. Actually there are little barf bags at every bus seat, so we shouldn´t have any problems. This ride will help us get acclimated for the next trip to Cusco and Machu Pichu, for which we leave on Monday morning, and which, I believe may take us even higher. With these last two trips our time here in Lima is very short.
This week has been one of beginning to transition home. Thoughts of my upcoming vow ceremony and moving are creeping in, while I try to remain grounded in the moments of now. We had some wonderful reflection/evaluation time with Hna. Maria Rubina here yesterday. She has already listed a few times that would be opportune for us to visit again. I think she might be almost as pleased with our visit as we are, if that is possible.
For me the best part of these two months has been getting to know our sisters. One of the sayings of the Sisters of St. Joseph is ¨We are one,¨a sentiment I have felt very strongly here in Peru. Despite the differences in language, culture, age, etc. there is that thread that somehow connects us, somehow makes every place we visit ¨home.¨ To be included in the prayer of our sisters when, at first, there was no way for us to give the contents of our hearts in that mutual sharing, was quite a gift. There are only two sisters in the whole vice-province that we have not met; one is on sabbatical in Chile and the other on vacation when we visited Tacna (there is a slight chance we may see her today). Without any formal teaching we have seen the customs, heard the history, been included in the traditions. I came with very little knowledge of what this time would hold, and leave knowing that I want to continue to learn that which I do not yet know, especially in terms of relationships with our sisters. There are, I think, eleven sisters in formation here, mostly in their twenties. It is the group of women with whom I will go into the future. How best to continue to get to know one another is just one question with which I leave. How to include our vice province of Japan in this communion is another. The strongest thing I leave here with is the awe I have for the unity of our sisters in Peru around Jesus´call in the Gospel, especially in relation to the poor. Day after day, prayer after prayer, sister after sister prays and lives that message in a very intentional way. I take that with me in a renewed way as I go.
While I will still be in Peru for a week, I´m not sure that I´ll have another chance to post anything on the computer. I´ve put a couple of pictures from the last week or so...
This first is a picture of our barbeque in Tacna. One thing I´ve noticed is that in almost every place we sit in round. It is an image I love. From left to right--me, Hnas. Gloria, Andrea, Zeida, Rosa, Florencia (a two month volunteer in Tacna), and Martha. It was quite a feast.
And this photo is of the procession we had here in Lima two days ago for the feast of Our Lady of Carmen. The tan building with the wooden slated garage is the center house here in Lima where we have been staying. Different homes and businesses in the neighborhood planned little prayers where the procession would stop. Our sisters were part of that. The streets were closed. It took twenty-four men to carry the image of Our Lady. Little children were raised up in front of the statue. People sang and clapped. These sorts of things happen all the time. As I type I can hear the band of one of the schools playing for the children who are dancing in another sector. How cars ever know how to get from one place to another with random streets shut down all the time I´ll never know. Thank goodness I never had to drive here!

Okay, off to finish packing. Most probably, so long from Peru.



  1. Wonderful wrap up entry - what an experience, for you and I think for them - I'm sure you did us proud. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time...learning and experiencing lots! Enjoy what time you have left in Peru, but selfishly we can't wait to have you home!
    I love you - MOM

  3. Sarah dear...what a great job you've done in keeping us in touch. You have a great gift of describing everything so beautifully. I am getting excited about seeing you soon.
    Safe travel.
    Love, prayers and hugs. Paula

  4. Like the others, looking forward to seeing you again. Can't tell if you've really tanned or if its the lighting in that photo! Guess we'll see soon!


  5. Sarah,
    Muchas Gracias for all your postings. I felt like I was traveling with you! It's enlightening to see how spirituality permeates the lives, the streets, the hearts of persons in Peru.
    Love shines in your heart too as you are one with them.
    Ah yes we all are one!!

  6. Ah, Sarah Jane! Delight, rejoice, enjoy and ponder AND, then, "come on home"--we are all waiting.

    As Amy said, what a great wrap-up piece; thank you. I was happy to see the Center House. Though there only a little more than 3 weeks it warms my heart to see it and know all the wonderful people and wonders within.

    Love to you. See you Saturday night at Burger King!



  7. Dear Sarah,

    I am very happy for you that your time in Peru has been so grace filled. What a gift. I can tell that you have been alive to the moment. And I am especially glad to hear that you will be "moving into the future" with your peers.

    Thank you for all you wrote.
    I look forward to seeing you soon.

  8. Hello Sarah,
    You don't know me, but I met you through your blog spot. Jenn Graus put your latest post on her new blog site. I am a good friend of Jenn's and belong to the new Congregation of St. Joseph and am of the Nazareth group. I was delighted to see some of my Peruvian friends in the photo. I lived and worked in Peru from 1983-1995 and was frequently with the Carondolet's in Lima and Ica. We are one big, loving family.
    Thanks for your great description of what's happening for you novices and your reflection on the experience. One of your sisters of the L.A. Province and I live together in Nicaragua - Julie Marciacq. She has been telling us about your trip and we've been praying for you each evening when we gather for prayer. There are three of us here. The other one is from the Medaille-Louisiana group. Enjoy your last few days. Travel safely and someday our paths will cross, of that I'm sure!
    Con carino y abrazos, Jeanne Gamache, csj

  9. P.S. I really appreciated the photos. The Center House looks good with its new look! Also, I appreciated seeing Rosa, Gloria and Zaida!!

  10. Lionel’s E-News for the week August 25-31, 2008

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