December 03, 2007

Digging Out or Cozying In?

I do think that if it is going to be cold enough to snow, it might as well do so. We got our first semi-big snow here in St. Paul over the weekend. Initial forecasts were for 6-12 inches. We got about 5. A few inches expected throughout the week. Saturday, when the snow was beginning to fall, I was out and about (getting some boots from Goodwill, which I am glad I now have), it was maybe 10 degrees with wind chill, snow was coming down, and people were out riding their bikes! Getting one more ride in before there was too much snow and ice, I suppose, but goodness gracious! Snow angels, handstands, and hot chocolate ruled the day.

Advent has begun. I love Advent! The last few years I have been sad to see it come to an end, but I suppose Christmas is a good reason to end it. Already I know a deeper call to prayer and preparation of heart. The priest this morning at mass said in his homily that, "An element of surprise always comes with grace." I thought immediately of my favorite CSJ maxim (84) with which I pray often, "Never run ahead of grace with imprudent eagerness, but quietly await its movement, and when it comes by you, go with it with gentleness, courage, humility, and fidelity." I also connected it with the charism card that I drew for the week: Obedience--being open to the invitation to take the next step. So many invitations, so many graces.
Yesterday Liz, Mary, and I joined a group for a presentation on Julian of Norwich. A minister from here in MN has done a live, play version of Julian in the past, but recently filmed her presentation in Julian's cell in Norwich. After the showing, there was a panel discussion. I read some of Julian's writings a couple of years back, but, as I re-read them in preparation for yesterday, different things struck me. The minister who played Julian, and who was also on the panel, shared that once after a performance a woman came up to her very upset at all of the feminist pieces--speaking of God and even Jesus as Mother--that had been added. The actress was sure to share that nothing had been added, that they were direct quotes from the thirteeth century. This whole feminism thing (in the broadest, truest sense) is really just recycled over and over and over. Hopefully sometime it will stick.

May peacemaking prevail on earth today.



  1. I am jealous of the snow, but certainly not the cold! Your house looks beautiful in the snow. Hope you made a snow angel for me...I love you - MOM

  2. As I watched the weather channel,on the weekend I thought so much of you. Just remember Denver is 'dry' cold! I too am so grateful for Advent and I loved your suggestion for an Advent maxim. I am going to use it for prayer tomorrow. Today we prayed much for docouer! Take care. Love, Marianne

  3. I. too, love Advent. I hope I can make it a prayerful one. Actually, the Advent and Christmas season is my favorite time of the year.

    We were supposed to get a little snow and sleet last Friday, but it passed us by. I love snow, and I've missed it in the mild St. Louis winters we've been having.

    Happy rest of Advent!
    Mary Ann H.

  4. I'm not sure what your mother is talking about - being jealous of snow. She hates cold weather and snow (at least driving in it). But sure - advent is great - the hamster didn't see his shadow so now we are going to have three months of winter!!! Love DAD

  5. What a fascinating writer you are!
    I really enjoyed reading your story. Five inches sounds like a lot of snow. I'm glad you're enjoying new experiences ? like making an angel ? However, that might not be all that new to you. We had our first Community Advent Prayer tonight with all communities in the house. Sr. Juliana presented it in the transition area. It was very lovely, and we're off to a great start with Advent.

  6. "Feet"12/05/2007 7:55 AM

    If only you could send some of that snow south! Oh well, I'll just enjoy my rain water instead.

    Stay warm and cozy!!

    So happy to read your mom and dad's comments. How cute were they??!!!

    Thank God you are who you are!!!


  7. 12/08/07 - Tonight we are getting some freezing rain... No snow! When I studied in MN, I left 35 inches of snow on the ground when I came home for Christmas... You must be having a mild winter!

    Advent IS a beautiful and hopeful season. Thank you for sharing your experiences, Sarah!

    Pat M