October 04, 2007


So, lots going on here in St. Paul. Last weekend Doctors Without Borders put on an instructional refugee camp set-up here in Minneapolis. They explained what housing, food, water, health care, etc. is like in camps around the world. There are currently 33 million refugees in the world--that we know of. Most of the camps are in Africa and the Middle East. There are babies being born and children growing up in refugee camps. Once refugees cross the international border from their home country to a neighboring country, they are then covered under certain international laws. Internally displaced persons, however, those in camps within their own countries, do not fall under these same laws. Most refugees go from one poor country to another. Wealthier countries have a far less percentage of refugees than developing countries on average. So much to learn. So much of which to be aware.

Tuesday was Gandhi's birthday. As such there was a protest at a munitions corporation, Alliant Tech, here in the Twin Cities. A group has been protesting at this site every Wednesday for over ten years. The group meets at a nearby park and walks the short distance to pray and sing in front of the building the headquarters that creates and ships arms around the world. Many of the weapons they make are illegal by international law as they kill without any possible way to discriminate between combatants and civilians. A few "arrests" were made as men and women chose to cross the line, but it was actually a very peaceful and prayerful demonstration.

Things here at Sarah's continue to go well. Some of the women, Krista, and I made tacos for our house dinner last night. Always lots of good food.

Tomorrow is my prayer day. I am going to drive north to Lake Superior where they say the leaves are in peak this weekend. Stop wherever my fancy strikes me. Walk. Pray. Hopefully find some cute, little country restaurant for lunch. Make my way up and back. Hopefully I'll have some good pictures to share next week.

I'll end with our prayer here at Sarah's: "May peacemaking prevail on earth today."



  1. Wow, that was my prayer this morning. This is great. Enjoy the scenery and please remember us home folk during your prayer day. It will be great to hear how God is revealed to you on you trip.

    Love to you,

  2. Amen!! May peace prevail in our world and in our hearts.

    God's blessings,


  3. Ah, Sarah Jane, the last two reflections are loaded with lots to think about and pray over. . .while it is nearly 90 here there is a wee-bit of a hint of Fall in the air--late at night and early in the am!

    'Twas good to chat a bit with you last night, especially to tell you that Paula now is equiped for running and jumping, figuratively speaking. The pace-maker is in place and we are claiming that all is well.

    I look forward to discussing our "TIR" on Sunday. . . spirals, and leaves, and anything that grieves. . . us and also that pleases. . . love, Pat

  4. I hope your weekend up north was beautiful and inspiring as you were one with our beautiful Earth. It is hot in St. Louis. Actually Phoenix was cooler today than we are. I don't think our leaves are going to be very colorful this fall.
    Enjoy your days.

  5. Some problems can look so daunting when we see them from the world's perspective. I don't know why it helps, but when I think that there are "only" 33 million refugees (as compared to 45 million Americans without health insurance), it doesn't seem quite so daunting.

  6. May Peacemaking Prevail - I'll add my Amen to that Sister!