June 05, 2007

Diving Deeper

Sr. Sarah here on assignment from Ripley, Mississippi. Sr. Pat and I are here with Sr. Kate Regan at St. Matthew's Parish working a three-day vacation bible school. The theme is "Diving Deeper into the Word of God." The church has been transformed with a few shower curtains, murals, hanging fish and other little critters into a great undersea adventure station. Today there were about 70 children ranging in age from four years old to fourteen years. What beautiful children! We have a wonderful group of teens and parents helping us. Great workers. Energetic, responsible, caring. We've done songs, skits, arts and crafts, science projects. Tomorrow we are going to spend the second part of the day at the site where the new church is going to be built. Maybe eat some ice cream, play soccer. All those important activities.

It has been a great week. Nice to get away for a little longer length of time than usual. The space allows for discernment in a different way. It has been very nice to be here with Kate. To pray together, hear stories, share in her ministry here. The parish is primarily Hispanic and it makes me, once again, wish that I knew a bit more Spanish. But, it's coming. For now, off to finish a sample of the craft for tomorrow. See you all when I get home.



  1. looks like all are having fun and Diving deeper into the Word of God.
    take care ,
    Nancy in Atlanta

  2. What a great way to spread the Word... to "dive deeper" and to KNOW that more is there than first met the ear! You will get out of the experience even more than the children, I suspect!

    Pat Murphy

  3. Good to hear from you and your exploits. All is well back at home. Paula came in fine and Christine and Clare are home. Have a safe trip back.

  4. Ah, Sarah, seeing the pictures and reading the review puts me right back in the middle of that life-giving time in Ripley, MS with Kate, the teens, the parents and children. Just another blessing, as Kate's neighbor, Vern, says, yes? Pat