April 25, 2007

ICN Finishes. Novitiate Community Leaves Home.

Today was the last day of the Intercommunity Novitiate that has been such a big part of Pat and my year. We did some closure on Sunday night with a party at the Dominican Novitiate, but finished today with a beautiful liturgy, picnic, and closing prayer. We split mass into its two usual parts, but with a bigger break than normal between the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. After the gospel we went two-by-two to share and reflect on the year, then shared in slightly larger groups before coming back together to finish the mass. We had quite a variety of cultural foods for lunch, and quite a lot of it as well. The novice directors performed a year wrap-up rap (written by our own Sr. Pat) and we danced some as well.

I don't do endings really, but I did give hugs, and know that I will see most of the novices for one reason or another yet again this summer. But, our semester is officially over, and what a semester it was!

Tomorrow Pat and I leave for a gathering of all of the CSJs across the U.S. Federation who are in formation or under ten years of final vows and the vocation/formation teams. We will head to Nazareth, KY for some input, sharing, fun, etc. More on that next week.

As we leave, the rest of our community will also be headed out. Sr. Paula is leaving tomorrow for a month-long visit to Arizona to see the friends and family she left when she joined us here. We'll miss her tons. And Amy and Clare will be off to the next session of our Provincial Chapter meetings. This is one weekend I wish I could be in two places at once. But, we have a few sisters charged with calling every so often to leave a message telling us what is going on. Anyway, there should be lots to share next week. For now, off to pack.

Happy Easter!



  1. Sarah, Have a safe and wonderful trip to Kentucky.....I will miss seeing you at Chapter I was already for the POOL. Blessings
    Nancy In Atlanta

  2. You STILL rock, Quinnie!

  3. What a great ICN experience! You were missed at Chapter! I loved my phone calls........so much to share.


  4. Just reading your comments, Sarah, brings back the happy memories of (already!) over a week ago; thanks. I believe you have captured the great spirit we both experienced this year in the ICN--a picture is worth a thousand words, yes, and what a great picture of the ICN group--as well as a few of us directors! Pat

  5. Sarah, I only met two of the ICN novices, but felt such warmth and love from them...I know you will miss this group! I'm sure you all learned a lot from each other and your paths will cross again in some way. Love you...MOM